Bunny hutch maintenance and cleaning tips

After you purchase or construct your bunny cubby, the main thing that you need to place in your brain is – ‘this is my pet’s home’. What is more, much the same as your home, it will require customary support and cleaning to remain sheltered and agreeable. Sadly, your bunny cannot do its own home support and cleaning, and cant ‘dial-a-fix’ either. So it is 100 percent subject to you to ensure that the pen remains in great condition.  The accompanying 3 hints will help guarantee better security and wellbeing for your pet rabbits and set aside you cash by dragging out your pen’s life expectancy.  Wooden bunny boxes are for the most part made of natural and biodegradable materials that need standard upkeep to delay its life expectancy. When the cubby comes in your front entryway, and before you put in the new inhabitants, you ought to quickly apply a type of defensive covering on the wood so as too waterproof it. At that point should you put it outside? At the point when you purchase a pen verify whether it as of now accompanies some kind of waterproofing included.


As we said previously, your pet relies exclusively upon you to keep its home in great condition. To spare you time, and keep away from a minute ago ‘help it is falling apart’ situations, you ought to do straightforward support checks like clockwork and a yearly top to bottom upkeep. The yearly check ought to be finished throughout the late spring months. This is on the grounds that wood is permeable and takes in water/dampness during the harvest time and winter months. In the late spring, wood is dryer and acknowledges better the defensive coatings that you can apply.  Most of the defensive covering items accessible available today are water based and non-poisonous, yet it is an issue that you should consistently make certain to explain before purchasing. Remember that hares are pets that like to bite, snack and scratch, and, as the years pass by, you will discover that their box is additionally ‘chewable’, particularly within. So as a matter of first importance, ensure that the covering item is non-dangerous and afterward do not have any significant bearing it within. Additionally keep your pet far away while applying the item and permit enough time for it to completely dry before returning it to the pen.

Ordinarily, the rooftop is the segment that endures the most in a hare box. This is on the grounds that it takes the most beating during the chilly/wet winter months and Dutch dog toys during the sweltering summer months. These limits make the wood continually grow and contract, and normally prompts splits that will breakdown the cubby disconnection from the components. That is the reason a yearly support is so significant.